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Tohtieli Hashim

Chinese ID: 6531211988??????O? (Shufu)

Age: 18-35    Detention reason: unclear    Detention type: unclear
Gender: M    Detention time: before 2017    Health status: critical
Ethnicity: Uyghur    Profession: culinary    Location: unclear

List(s): Covered in international media, Before Chen Quanguo

Testifying party (submitted by third party)

This testimony has been imported from a report of disappearances collected by the World Uighur Congress.

Victim's relation to testifier


About the victim

Tohti'eli Hashim (图合提·阿西木) finished high school in Kashgar and came to Urumqi to look for work. In February 2009, he took a job at a small restaurant run by a Hui named Sulayman, located at 615 Shengli Road.

Address in Kashgar: No. 3 Group, No. 7 Village, Awat Township, Toqquzay Municipality, Konasheher County, Kashgar.

Victim's location

In Urumqi at the time of the riots, but unclear where he might be now, if alive.

When victim was detained

On July 6, 2009, Tohti'eli’s family in Kashgar received a phone call from Sulayman, who said that Tohti'eli had been shot on his way home from the restaurant after work. Sulayman would later claim that he does not know what happened to Tohti'eli, saying he simply disappeared and not bringing up the shooting.

Probable (or official) reason for detention


Victim's status

No sign of Tohti'eli since July 5. It is not known if he survived the alleged gun wounds.

How did the testifier learn about the victim's status?

RFA investigated this story.

Additional information


RFA coverage: https://www.rfa.org/uyghur/xewerler/kishilik-hoquq/ghayib-uyghur-02282013171155.html

Supplementary materials

RFA coverage (Uyghur)
RFA report (English translation)

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