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Alpilam Serik

Chinese ID: 65222219????????O? (Barkol)

Age: unclear    Detention reason: phone, computer    Detention type: concentration camp
Gender: M    Detention time: Jan. 2018 - Mar. 2018    Health status: critical
Ethnicity: Kazakh    Profession: unclear    Location: Hami

Testifying party (submitted by third party)

Abai Kahan was born in 1989.

Victim's relation to testifier

uncle (maternal)

About the victim

Alpilam Serik is from Barkol county of Hami region. Approximately October 2018, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and had an operation in Urumqi being accompanied by the police. After 15 days he was again taken to the camp.

Victim's location

Shrynzy political re-education camp

When victim was detained

January 2018

Probable (or official) reason for detention

for having WhatsApp application on his phone

Victim's status

in a re-education camp

How did the testifier learn about the victim's status?

not stated

Additional information

He has bought a cell phone while visiting Kazakhstan and WhatsApp application was one of the pre-installed programs.

Supplementary materials

video testimony

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Last updated: 2019-05-24

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