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Tohdar Salapey

Chinese ID: 65????1952??????O? (place of origin unclear)

Age: 55+    Detention reason: unclear    Detention type: documents withheld
Gender: M    Detention time: Oct. 2017 - Dec. 2017    Health status: has problems
Ethnicity: Kazakh    Profession: unclear    Location: unclear

List(s): Victims with foreign residence

Testifying party (submitted by third party)

Aigul Sabalakova. Citizen of Kazakhstan.

Victim's relation to testifier


About the victim

Name is Tohdar Salapey. Born in 1952, went back to China in October 2017. He is a citizen of China and has Kazakhstan Green Card. Aigul Sabalokova and Tohdar Salapey registered their wedding, that family is in Kazakhstan by law. Their marriage certificate number is 301932. He was almost arrested in China. Chinese officials forbid him to go back to Kazakhstan to live with his family. He has two kinds of disease. He has a kidney disease and in Spring 2018 he broke his leg. There is a document from Kazakhstan officials which says that he is registered in Almaty Prefecture and Enbekshikazakh county.

Victim's location


When victim was detained


Probable (or official) reason for detention


Victim's status


How did the testifier learn about the victim's status?


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Suspected human rights violations

Article 17: Everyone has the right to own things or share them. Nobody should take our things from us without a good reason.
Article 25: We all have the right to a good life, with enough food, clothing, housing, and healthcare. Mothers and children, people without work, old and disabled people all have the right to help.

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