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Likely place of origin
Likely current location
Last reported det. type
house/town arrest
When first detained
July 2017 - Sep. 2017
Probable detention reason
Health status
Camp releases (late 2018 / early 2019)  Victims with foreign residence 

Testifying party (submitted by third party)

Testimony 1: Qaiyrbek Sabetqan, born on March 30, 1990, is now a Kazakhstan citizen.

Testimony 2: Zhuldyz Sabetqan, born on May 23, 1985.

Victim's relation to testifier

Testimony 1-2: father

About the victim

Sabetqan (no surname according to his document), born on June 20, 1955, is a Chinese citizen. Had been living in Kazakhstan since 2007 and went to China for treatment. He was put into a camp on February 22, 2018.

His residential address: 44, Shubaragash rangeland, Ergong township, Tacheng city.

Chinese passport: G39333741. Kazakhstan green card: 024175571.

Victim's location

Tacheng city, Tacheng region

When victim was detained

His documents were confiscated when went back to China for treatment on July 17, 2017. He was then arrested on February 22, 2018.

Probable (or official) reason for detention


Victim's status

Released to house arrest on December 25, 2018 from a re-education camp.

Testimony 2: needs urgent surgery.

How did the testifier learn about the victim's status?

not stated

Additional information

On August 27, 2018, his son Qalibek brought a Kazakhstan repatriation invitation letter to China for his father, but was not allowed to see him on grounds that Qalibek was a foreigner in China.

Suspected human rights violations

Article 13: We all have the right to go where we want to in our own country and to travel abroad as we wish.
Article 22: We all have the right to a home, to have enough money to live on and medical help if we are ill. We should all be allowed to enjoy music, art, craft, sport and to make use of our skills.
Article 25: We all have the right to a good life, with enough food, clothing, housing, and healthcare. Mothers and children, people without work, old and disabled people all have the right to help.

Supplementary materials

Testimony 1
Testimony 2
Chinese ID

Entry created: 2019-02-25

Last updated: 2019-05-28

Latest update from testifier: 2019-02-23