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Gulzat Rysbai

Chinese ID: 654224197602171228 (Toli)

Age: 35-55    Detention reason: unclear    Detention type: documents withheld
Gender: F    Detention time: Jan. 2018 - Mar. 2018    Health status: unclear
Ethnicity: Kazakh    Profession: unclear    Location: Tacheng

Testifying party (submitted by third party)

Testimony 1: Aitkamal Zhumagazy, born on February 15, 1973, is now a Kazakhstan citizen. Her ID number is 034050032.

Testimony 2: Erdos Serik (born August 8, 2001) and Ernur Serik (born April 15, 2007)

Victim's relation to testifier

Testimony 1: sister-in-law

Testimony 2: mother

About the victim

Gulzat Rysbai, February 17, 1976, is a Chinese citizen. She holds a Kazakhstan resident permit (026775261). He Chinese passport number is E12564942. She has four children and all of them are in Kazakhstan.

Victim's location

Tuoli county seat, Tuoli county, Tacheng region

When victim was detained

January 6, 2018

Probable (or official) reason for detention


Victim's status

Had her passport confiscated.

Testimony 2: She contacts her children once or twice a month and just tells them she's ok. Their father, whose name wasn't mentioned, is also in China.

How did the testifier learn about the victim's status?

not stated

Additional information


Supplementary materials

video testimony
video testimony

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