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Halmurat Ghopur (哈木拉提·吾甫尔)

Chinese ID: 6501??1960??????O? (Urumqi)

Age: 55+    Detention reason: "separatism"    Detention type: detention house
Gender: M    Detention time: Oct. 2017 - Dec. 2017    Health status: critical
Ethnicity: Uyghur    Profession: scholar    Location: Urumqi

List(s): Covered in international media

Testifying party (submitted by third party)

Multiple sources, according to RFA

Victim's relation to testifier


About the victim

Halmurat Ghopur (哈木拉提·乌普尔) was President of the Xinjiang Food and Drug Administration's Department of Inspection and Supervision in Urumqi until the time of his arrest. He previously served as the President of Xinjiang Medical University Hospital. Mr. Ghopur's legacy includes official acknowledgement for developing a treatment for respiratory illnesses which combined Western and traditional Uyghur medicine.

Victim's location

Likely in Urumqi, as that is where he was born and worked.

When victim was detained

November 2017

Probable (or official) reason for detention

"Exhibiting separatist tendencies" and "plotting to create a Muslim Caliphate"

Victim's status

Two-year suspended death sentence [presumably in a detention house, since that is where those with death sentences are typically kept]

How did the testifier learn about the victim's status?

Through official documents and a government-produced film

Additional information

When the state security police came to arrest Ghopur in late 2017, he demanded to know why. An officer told him that he had exhibited "nationalistic tendencies" and read off some of his conversations on the WeChat app that the police had been monitoring. Officials also confiscated his computer.

Mr. Ghopur was later featured, alongside four other high-profile Uyghur intellectuals also sentenced to death or life in prison, in an officially produced "political study" film, which was made required viewing for all government cadres in Xinjiang. The film accuses Mr. Ghopur of plotting to "create a Muslim Caliphate in the region by 2030." Other sources confirm receiving "an official document" stating that Mr. Ghopur planned to create an independent country and become its leader.


This victim is included in the list of detained Uyghur intellectuals, available at: shahit.biz/supp/list_003.pdf

Uyghur Wikipedia entry: https://ug.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D8%AE%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%85%DB%87%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%AA_%D8%BA%D9%88%D9%BE%DB%87%D8%B1

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