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Tileuhan Muqatai

Chinese ID: 654225195404022528 (Chaghantokay)

Age: 55+    Detention reason: unclear    Detention type: unclear
Gender: F    Detention time: Oct. 2017 - Dec. 2017    Health status: critical
Ethnicity: Kazakh    Profession: unclear    Location: Tacheng

List(s): Victims with foreign residence

Testifying party (submitted by third party)

Testimony 1+2+5+7: Gulzhanat Baibalyq, born on June 17, 1984, is now a Kazakhstan citizen. Her ID number is 044382398.

Testimony 3: Aisamal Baibalyq, born on February, 1, 1998. Her ID number is 041917262.

Testimony 4: Erkingazy Qabdygalym, born on January 6, 1985. His ID number is 041947122.

Testimony 6: Qazytai Zhanat, born on February 24, 1980.

Victim's relation to testifier

Testimony 1+2+3+5+7: mother

Testimony 4+6: mother-in-law

About the victim

Tileuhan Muqatai is a Chinese citizen. Her Kazakhstan green card number is 025797829.

Victim's location

Yumin county, Tacheng region, Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang, China

When victim was detained

Documents confiscated on their visit back to China in November 2017, according to Testimony 6. Detained on February 21, 2018.

Probable (or official) reason for detention


Victim's status

earlier: in a re-education camp

Testimony 7: documents confiscated

Testimony 5: her health is in critical condition, as she's had operations on her heart, throat, and stomach.

How did the testifier learn about the victim's status?

The testifier's parents (victims) went to China in October 2017 and sent a message to her on February 21, 2018 that they received a note to be sent to a camp.

Additional information


Supplementary materials

Testimony 1
Testimony 2
Testimony 3
Testimony 4
Testimony 5
Testimony 6
Testimony 7

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