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Testifying party

Najmidin Raman( Nijimiding Reman) currently living the Netherlands.

Relation to victim

Biologically my aunt, and on Chinese birth certificate book my older sister.

About the victim

Arzigul Raman (阿热孜古丽 热曼 A re zi gu li Re man), 34-37 years old, she is from Kukang/Korghan Kashgar City, (新疆 喀什 库康村 14). She was married to my great uncle’s son Hestili Ahun and has one daughter whose named Asiye Hestili.
Asiye is now 16-18 years old, she may also have brothers/sisters but I know their names.

Victim's location

She was living in Kashgar

When victim was detained


Reason given for detention

Possibly for being my relative and having a father who traveled abroad multiple times.

Victim's status


How did the testifier learn about the victim's status?

I don’t know if she’s not arrested

Additional information