The following are themed lists of victims, intended to focus on specific groups not identifiable solely by the database's tag system.


Deaths (2017-)

Count: 82

The list dedicated to keeping track of victim deaths from the current repressions (January 2017 to the present).


Count: 6

List of deceased victims for whom the cause of death was suicide.


Testimonies mentioning specific prisons

Count: 56

All testimonies mentioning either precise prison facilities by name or prison facilities with relatively detailed locations provided.

Testimonies mentioning specific camps

Count: 101

All testimonies mentioning either precise camp facilities or camp facilities with relatively detailed locations provided.

Testimonies mentioning specific police detention centers

Count: 10

All testimonies mentioning either precise police detention facilities (看守所,派出所,拘留所) or police detention facilities with relatively detailed locations provided.

Testimonies mentioning specific factories

Count: 9

All testimonies mentioning either precise factories by name or factories with relatively detailed locations provided.

International action

Victims for journalists/delegates to visit or inquire about

Count: 84

This is a list of victims whose situation is particularly dire and who require full international attention, as well as those victims whose relatives abroad have requested the direct intervention of foreign journalists/delegates. Finding or meeting these victims may be difficult, as such meetings are likely to reveal precisely what the Xinjiang authorities do not want the outside world to see, but should nevertheless be attempted for that very reason. Interested parties may contact for further information.

Examples of international / media pressure on Xinjiang authorities

Count: 73

In a number of cases, there appears to be a curious coincidence between media, grassroots, and individual attention to a particular case and the Xinjiang authorities acting relatively positively towards this victim not long after. This list notes all the testimonies that mention such occurrences.

Foreign citizens

Count: 63

Victims who, at any time during their detention, were either already foreign passport holders or had their foreign citizenship applications approved.

Victims with foreign residence

Count: 350

All victims who have previously obtained a residence permit abroad.

Recommended reading

Eyewitness accounts

Count: 45

All testimonies that contain eyewitness accounts of the situation in Xinjiang, including the conditions and life inside the region's detention facilities.

Exemplary testimonies

Count: 15

Longer testimonies that stand out by the care and detail they were written with.


From prolonged detention to prison

Count: 130

Cases where the victim was allegedly given a prison sentence after spending over a month in a stricter form of detention (camp or police custody).

Camp releases (late 2018 / early 2019)

Count: 267

Starting from September 2018, there has been a noted increase in detainees being released from concentration camps, with December 2018 and January 2019 in particular having large numbers documented. This list seeks to look at this time period and these particular detainees.

Forced labor cases

Count: 101

All testimonies that mention forced job placement / labor or talk about victims who have undergone this.

Camp to labor

Count: 42

A little of victims believed to have been forcefully assigned work following their "graduation" from camp.

15-day arrests

Count: 26

All testimonies that mention 15-day arrests (this is typically the length of an administrative detention session).

Families & groups

Relatives of Radio Free Asia reporters

Count: 31

Relatives of reporters who work for Radio Free Asia's Uyghur-language service (the majority, if not all, believed to be detained because of their relatives' work).

Memetrasul Hesen's relatives

Count: 29

The relatives of naturalized Kyrgyz citizen Memetrasul Hesen, some of whom have been detained and most of whom have been missing and out of contact for over 2-3 years.

Rebiya Kadeer's relatives

Count: 13

Rebiya Kadeer is one of the most famous Uyghur activists in the world, and possibly the most hated by the Chinese authorities. Consequently, her relatives have been subjected to years and decades of harassment/persecution, with many believed to be detained today.

Muhemmed Salih Hajim's family

Count: 12

The relatives of famous religious scholar Muhemmed Salih Hajim.

Media coverage

Covered in international media

Count: 525

All victims who have been written about in major international media outlets.

Chinese state media

Count: 111

Testimonies derived from reports in Chinese state media. We include these people in the database as they appear to be individuals who have gone through "re-education" and are being used by the state in a counter-propaganda drive. However, given the possibility that they may be actors or people who have been cherry-picked for these roles, we give them special marking.


Before Chen Quanguo

Count: 575

Victims of earlier repressions, who were detained prior to the fall of 2016 (when Chen Quanguo took office).